Superior concept

Compliance with a stok with noise and enveronmental requirements
Composite materials
Modern integrated cockpit, flight and navigation system
The biggest fuselage cross section
Advanced aero-dynamics
The best equipment from 14 conutries
The biggest volume of the cargo sections
Entrance stairs/door
48 airborne systems, 87 computers, 4000 monitored parameters
Landing gear made of titanium, carbonic brakes

Protection of the control system an the wing at the "bad" runways

  AN-148-100A AN-148-100B AN-148-100E
Maximum passenger capacity, pax   85  
Maximum payload, kg   9000  
Flight range with 75 pax, km 2100 3500 4400
Flight speed, km/h   800-870  
Flight altitude, m   up to 12200  
Fuel consumption per hour, kg/h 1550 1600 1650
Operational temperature range (on the ground)   -55... +450C  
Aerodrome elevation, m   up to 1500  
Aerodrome code ltter   "B"  
Required runway lenght, m 1600 1800* 1900
Classification number PCN R/B (for MTOW) 21.8 24 26.3
Service life, thousands hours/thousands flightd 80/60 80/40 80/30
Engines   D 436-148  

* 1600 m if the aircraft is fitted with FADEC system adjustment like AN-148-100E