Wide range of abilities

Optional AN-148-100 layouts

68-seat two-class layout. 890 mm (35")/813 mm (32") seat pitch

75-seat single-class layout. 713 mm (32") seat pitch

85-seat single-class layout (option). 762 mm (30") seat pitch

20-seat VIP-layout

10-seat VIP layout

Baggage and cargo volumes:
- total volume - 20.76 m3
- total volume per 1 passenger* - 0.277 m3
- baggage racks volume - 4.76 m3
- baggage volume per 1 passenger* - 0.063 m3

* with 75 passengers


AN-148-100 approved flight conditions:

  • in basic navigation system (B-RNAV);
  • in precise navigation system (P-RNAV);
  • in zones of reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM);
  • under ambient air temperatures at round from -55°C to +45°C
  • at airfields with elevation up to 1500 m above SL;
  • with crosswind up to 15 m/s;
  • at visual and instrument flight rules (VFR and IFR).

AN-148 was tested at high angles of attack (Kyiv, 2005)

...under high temperatures up to +45°C (Uzbekistan, 2005}

...under natural icying conditions (Arkhangelsk, 2005)

...under low temperatures down to -55°C (Yakutia, 2006)

...at wet runway with crosswind (Kyiv, 2007)

...at unpawed airfields (Odessa, 2007)

...under conditions of high latitudes down to -73° of Northen latitude (Trans-Polar, 2008), and with B-RNAV and P-RNAV zones with precision of RNP-1 (Finland, Norway, 2008)

Certificates of AN--148-100:

  • Type Certificate No.ST 246-AN-148 issued by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (AR of IAC) on 26.02.2007;
  • Noise Certification No.SSh 169-AN-148-100 issued by the AR of IAC on 22.02.2007;
  • Type Certificate No.TL 0036 issued by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine on 26.02.2007;
  • Supplement as for P-RNAV No.ST-AN-148-100/D01 issued by AR of IAC on 24.07.2009;
  • Supplement as for CAS-100, RDR-4B, ALT-4000, EGPWS Mark-V No.ST-AN-148-100/D02 issued by AR of IAC on 18.08.2009;
  • Supplement as for operation from/to unpaved airfields No.ST-AN-148-100/D03 issued by AR of IAC on 30.12.2009;
  • Supplement as for lla landing category No.ST-AN-148-100/D04 issued by AR of IAC on 01.04.2010.

...at llla landing category (Donetsk, Simferopol, 2009)


  • dry;
  • wet;
  • with ditch-water;
  • hoar-frost-covered;
  • with slush layer up to 15 mm thick;
  • covered with snow up to 50 mm thick.