Operational convenience

The two-seat cockpit of the AN-148:

  1. Flight director indicator;
  2. Multifunctional indicator;
  3. Complex systems and warning indicator;
  4. Multifunctional control panel;
  5. Heading control device;
  6. Complex instrument systems control panel;
  7. Flight combined standby instrument;
  8. Gyro horizon;
  9. Ground-position landing indicator;
  10. AFCS controller;
  11. HIS display control unit;
  12. Small aircraft clock.

The flight, navigation and radio communication equipment is compliant with current and future ICAO recommendations and EUROCONTROL requirements, including:

Work in the AN-148 passenger and service compartments is convenient and pleasant

The concept of AN-148 after sales support is analogous to that used for equivalent Western produced aircraft. It is customer focused allowing for: maintenance to be carried out under conditions acceptable to airlines; the establishment of regional AN-148 centres for maintenance, flight and technical crew training, and spare parts.

Check Time interval
Line maintenance




Before a flight

At least once every two days (48 hours)

Every two weeks

Base (periodic) maintenance

"A" Check

"B" Check

750 hours

36 months (about 7500 hours)

Flight and technical crews of the airlines are trained at ANTONOV COMPANY using a research-piloting stand and a full flight simulator KTS-148.